Flowing Lights

Flowing Lights is a 3D shoot’em up organized in short fights that challenge dexterity as well as neurons. Fair difficulty makes each victory feel very rewarding. Greater rewards await the best players through combos and perfect run score for each combat.

Add a new dimension to dodgingSlide your ship on a skate park for bullets

Spread bullets and chain kill enemies like playing bowling to win power-ups

Only intense miniboss-like combat situations! Play your way but bring your neurons too

Unforgiving but not punishing!
Retry, improve, unlock Stars through higher achievements

Flowing Lights is a tribute to old-school shoot’em up with a new flavor: playing on a planet’s 3D surface brings dodging, steering and targeting to new heights; No camera auto scroll increases freedom of actions for player and enemies; Less punishment on failure, more bonus on success

Slide on a planet's surface

Everything evolves on the very surface of a planet where gravity is too high for anything to jump or fly. This keeps the gameplay as simple as a 2D game and gravity adds a new dimension to play with: 

Steer and dodge on slopes

Sliding on the hills and avoiding gravity wells present this mix of danger vs new tricks that makes steering the ship more fun. Predicting bullets trajectories requires some neurons to anticipate the effects of slopes. This makes dodging more rewarding. Player’s bullets can also be shot in a creative way when taking advantage of slopes to target enemies.

Target and shoot

The Player’s ship weapons are designed to take advantage of the planet’s surface. The main gun has a high firing rate and is very efficient to spread bullets at moving targets. The Slingshot is very accurate, has a longer reach, and can fire at any angle. Though, it’s most satisfying feature is its ability to destroy up to 3 targets in one shot!

Boost at the right time

To add freedom to player’s movement, the ship has a boost ability. It’s a great help to quickly dodge a large group of bullets, go higher over a slope or stretch the Slingshot faster. Boost needs a short time to recharge and bullets can hit the ship at all time so it must be used cleverly.

No camera auto scroll

Removing pressure to go forward from the camera opens new possibilities

Freedom of movement

It’s always possible to go back to get around a flow of bullets or let them clear out a little. Players who prefer to take it slow and shoot things from far can do so; those who wish to take more risks will stay close to the action. This increased freedom allows richer, more reactive enemies behaviors and more diverse gameplay situations.

More zones, more fun

The camera following the player also changed the way maps are organized: maps are composed of zones that are cleared one by one, like many mini-boss fights. No enemies will escape, everything in the zone must be destroyed so this enjoyable sensation of a clean job done triggers every time. Limited areas allow for richer combat situations that the player has time to analyze before starting the zone. Some have a light puzzle flavor or present situations where a more tactical approach is preferable to brute force.

Failure has little consequences

Well, one bullet is enough to send the player’s ship back in time at the start of the current zone, certifying a failed attempt... Though, time travel saved and restored everything instantaneously for a fast retry. Moreover, the few seconds spent in this attempt are never really lost: knowledge and skills have improved even if success was not present in the end; Maybe the journey IS more important than the destination… It’s even encouraged to restart a zone so to improve its score and get more bonus.


Success is rewarded with different kinds of bonus like weapon upgrades or shields. They are gained with combos: hitting multiple enemies with one clever Slingshot bullet or destroying special groups of enemies under a timer. Like the boost to the morale provided by a successful action doesn’t last forever, bonus effects will only last a for few seconds. Only the better-skilled players can accumulate enough bonus time to carry it from zone to zone and achieve better map scores.


To help those who want a higher challenge, each zone has a 3 levels Star score: bronze, silver, and gold. Clearing a zone under a certain timer and performing some predefined combos will grant better Star score and more bonus.

Product information

The game is planned to release during the second half of 2018 on Windows. Mac and Linux support should come shortly after. Consoles, maybe.

This is a single player game. It supports keyboard+mouse and most controllers. It’s too early to define a minimal configuration, but the game now runs at a stable 1080p60Hz on less than 5-6 years old desktop PCs.